Co-hosted by Brogan Micallef (Brogan Micallef) and Kathryn Hofer (Modern Planner)

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wed, oct 31 — 8:30pm EST


Even if you are not able to attend, simply register to access the video replay following the live training.


Creating content has become a competition.

You feel like you have to be constantly switched on. Always creating and showing up.

When in just feel like chilling out in your sweat pants + messy bun without having to figure out what to post on Instagram Stories today.

And even if you don’t feel pulled to try and “keep up” with the hustle, you’ve probably:

— Said yes to waaay too many (content) projects + opportunities and wilted in the process

— Ended up disappointing yourself and others as you got caught in the weeds doing All The Things

— Scrolled through Instagram, convinced yourself you’re actually “working" + got caught up in comparison after you see how much Ms Effortlessy Amazing is doing (and start the cycle all over)

Yeah. So THAT sucks.


We decided to do something about it and make content stress-free, one small business at a time.


Because cultivating your content is like tending to a garden.

Sure, you can scatter ideas around and hope they take root…

But for your content ideas to produce fruit, you need a plan to design a space that’s fun to play in, doesn’t stress you out and is uniquely yours.

So that’s where we come in…


In this 90-minute training (fluff + pitch free) you’ll learn:


— Why you need to know where you’re going + what it means to be intentional

— How to do content YOUR way (and prune what you don’t need)

— A fun, hands-on activity that helps you figure out what content suits you best

— How to keep content creative + fun so you don’t feel like taking a bulldozer to what you’ve produced

— How to experiment without burning yourself out (and give those ideas room to grow)

— Plus practical and fun projects to keep your ideas blooming


So who’s leading this training?

We’re Kathryn Hofer of Modern Planner + Brogan Micallef and we’ve joined forces for a fluff-free training that’ll make you love your content.

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Hi, I'm Brogan! I'm a Jane Austen and sci-fi–obsessed content lover who helps people to stop fighting with their content, pull all the loose ends together and find serenity in simplicity. I'm also the creator of Content Her Way - a revolution that helps busy entrepreneurs hone the art of doing content their way and then use that content to grow their business + community. You can find my digi-home at and I love hanging out on Instagram.


Hi! I'm Kathryn Hofer, the founder of Modern Planner and I believe that a life well planned is a life well lived. And with some basic planning principles you can live less overwhelmed and more purposeful. With over a decade of experience executing live events, organizing teams and projects and running a non-profit I have planned just about everything. Let’s plan your content together!

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Our goal with this training is to help you decide that enough is enough + vow to live your creative life more intentionally. And then actually be able to do it!

Think of us as the landscapers who’ll help you unearth the hidden gem you didn’t know you had. (Ok. We admit it. We’re the fairies at the bottom of the garden that’ll help you fall in love with your content.)

Give yourself 90 minutes and we’ll show you how to make sharing your message

It really doesn’t have to be this hard.

Roll up your sleeves + tie your hair back. Let’s do this!



Making content stress-free, one small business at a time.

Join us for a FREE action–packed 90–min workshop on cultivating your content!

wed, oct 31 — 8:30pm EST

Even if you are not able to attend, simply register to access the video replay following the live training.


What others are saying


“This training was very useful to look at myself as the content/brand. Keeping it simple is so much better than the immense pressure we get to do everything. Brogan communicates with everyone personally”

— Quiana Goodrum

““Every little thing you mentioned was helpful to me Kathryn, because I'm totally not a natural planner, but love the feeling of being well prepared and have that “birds eye view” on the coming weeks. It gave me step-by-step advice to follow and therefore Clarity.”

— Jacqueline Traub

“This was one of the most useful meetings I have EVER been to... and I'm including every kind of meeting I've ever been to in that! Thank you so much Kathryn for sharing your knowledge with us! I cannot wait to get planning in an efficient manner... for once!”

— Megan McSpadden

“Before the Inner Circle with Brogan, I felt like I couldn't get a blog post out on schedule if my life depended on it. Everything I did was spur of the moment. I knew I had to change my ways if I was going to consistently provide content my readers would love. The Inner Circle gave me exactly what I needed: a precise and focused look at my content—and therefore my marketing—strategy that would take my business from doing marketing on a whim to planned and results-driven content creation. I now have a content calendar planned out for the entire quarter and my sales funnels mapped out to match the content.”

— Sarah Eggers