Mini Mastermind



If you are looking for even more support, accountability and personalization to add to your Modern Planner experience, then look no further. Limited to 8 women, the three mastermind conversations will take place Wednesdays July 17, 31 and August 14 at 1-2pm EST—and will bring awareness, build relationships, and provide feedback in a guilt-free way.


The Benefits

When you create an environment for a super diverse group of women to become instant friends and cheerleaders, good things are bound to happen!

Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of being part of this mastermind.

Be heard (everyone gets a chance to share and ask for help every single week)
Take action (you are held accountable as you make things happen)
Get feedback (real time perspective and advice from women with different businesses, family situations, countries of residence and backgrounds than you)
Be supported (a confidential, judgment free sisterhood where everyone wants to see you win)
Grow fast (when you combine consistency, accountability, structure and encouragement, good things grow)


The Quarterly can help you plan your life, the Mastermind can help you achieve it.



The Details


The Mastermind has been running continuously for 9 months, and it’s already one of the most well-loved aspects of the Modern Planner community. It's like meeting a group of friends for coffee frequently—a full range of conversations from business, interpersonal challenges, parenting, boundaries, sleep. You struggle with it—we talk about it.

Here's the support you've been looking for:

— 60–minute structured mastermind calls
— Personal Hot Seats (you have a team of women helping you with a challenge you're facing)
Slack community to carry the conversation into the following week
— 3 weeks with the same group of women (max 8)
— Set day/time each week

Quarter 3 Mini Mastermind

Wednesdays July 17, 31 and August 14 at 1-2pm EST

$95 for all three weeks of engaging mastermind sessions


Did you know that our Slack (online messaging) community is a highlight for members? Not only does it keep the conversation going, but we have channels for #celebratingwins #sharingresources #hotseats and #simplicity so no one is ever left without support between calls.


Mastermind Testimonials

“The accountability, building connections, and friendships, and having a group of powerful women stretching you forward is what I’d recommend most. The value of the Mastermind really lies in the fact that we do not grow in a vacuum. We need those closest to us to understand us and provide relevant feedback that we don’t often find in “real life.”

— Megan Kelly

“Having the continued support and variety of ideas from different women in different walks of life is so valuable! It’s also been so nice to feel like I’m working with others. As a small business owner, I so often feel alone! The Mastermind has given me a huge sense of accountability and support that I was missing in my business. From life to business to schedule, it’s so nice to be able to ask questions and get suggestions and support. At least one of the women will have something you can use! It helps to talk through things, because though I often know what I should be doing, hearing other people weigh in (and tell me what I needed to hear) has been so great!”

— Tianna Yentzer

“Weekly face-to-face accountability in the Mastermind group has been an amazing experience. Our group felt like family from the first call because we all are committed to show up, focus and be present with one another. Each call I leave more motivated and inspired! Our Hot Seats allow us to focus and dig into a member’s deepest challenge. This is the real deal to help you work through your biggest personal and professional challenges. Everyone has the opportunity to share, listen, and learn. Hearing honest feedback from a diverse group opens your eyes to see all aspects and all possibilities!”

— Hailey Beattie

“If you are ready to take your life and/or your business to the next level, you should consider The Mastermind group. Talk with like minded women from all walks of life for support, encouragement, and advice. If you are feeling alone as an entrepreneur or just in general, these ladies will have your back. Walk away from each call feeling motivated and knowing what action you need to take (and maybe that action is to step back and take some time off). Investing in yourself is always a good investment.

— Glenneth Reed