Save Your Schedule™ is a tailored action plan that can transform your day-to-day from busy to focused.



It’s a struggle to stay on top of everything you’ve said yes to. The calendar is full of deadlines and meetings, late nights and early mornings. You’re getting things done, but something or someone is always neglected (this person is often you). Your energy slowly drains from the exhaustion and anxiety…

Save Your Schedule™ teaches you how to keep your days full without you feeling overwhelmed, as you discover how to organize commitments and priorities while making space for the things you love most. Let’s take the word busy out of your life and give you a schedule you can get excited about.


step 1: HOMEWORK

Once you purchase this program, you will get immediate access to the course content. You can watch the videos and complete your assignments on your own time. (Some of the homework includes brainstorming, personality tests and two weeks of time tracking.)


Once you’ve handed in your worksheets and time-tracking, we’ll book a 45-minute call to discuss the tailored action plan I create for you, and I’ll give feedback and recommendations to amend your schedule closer to the way you want it.


A few weeks after our first session, I’ll connect with you again for a 20-minute one-on-one call. We’ll talk about what’s working and make a few more adjustments so that you can enjoy a schedule that reflects your priorities.



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I am committed to seeing you succeed. I give you authentic feedback to encourage you and help you move forward past the obstacles you might be facing.

I value real talk and don't beat around the bush. I like to be open, transparent and will share lessons I have learned on my journey. Let's learn from each other!

I believe that creating a schedule we enjoy is a journey. You didn't get your current schedule overnight, so it will take time to find what works for you and implement change. Stick with it, it's worth it!

Bonus: You’ll also get access to my Activity Audit Lesson, a 12-minute training video that teaches you how to step back from the day-to-day and see the big picture, to reassign priorities so your life can begin to look the way you want it to.


the doors to save your schedule are currently closed. please sign up below to be notified when they open again.


Kathryn Hofer is passionate about helping others live a quality life. With over a decade of experience executing live events, organizing teams and projects, and running a non-profit, she has focused her attention on educating others about the value of planning.

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