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tuesday, March 19th 2019

11am & 7pm EST (90 mins)

With two times to choose from, it's even easier to join in LIVE. However, in case you miss it, you'll still be able to watch the video later and get all the training.


90 minutes to change your next 90 days.

You find time for the things that are most important to you... at least, you want to. Start here. In 1.5 hours, find out how to make room in the next three months for what's really important to you.

In the call, we discuss a simplified approach to planning, plus there's focused time for individual action throughout. You'll get a clearer picture of your next three months and meet other enthusiastic planning partygoers from around the world.


You're not the only one

Are you tired of...
— Struggling to get ahead
— Feeling overwhelmed with your schedule
— Feeling like your business is taking over your life
— Having goals you don't know how you'll ever accomplish
— Wondering how to create a plan you can actually implement
— Wishing you had accountability to stick to your plans


You're in great company.

Join me and others on the same journey as we set aside real, live, time to plan proactively. We'll reflect on our priorities, plan for what's most important, and look at how to incorporate personal and business goals into the next quarter.


Not sure what you would plan?

Here are some examples of what you could plan in 90 minutes
— Plan your next launch
— Create a new schedule to support your goals
— Develop a plan for eating healthy and meal planning
— Build routines that will help you accomplish your big goals
— Create a full project plan for the next big thing
— Organize a big event


About your host


Kathryn Hofer, Modern Planner is passionate about helping others live a quality life. With over a decade of experience executing live events, organizing teams and projects, and running a non-profit, she has focused her attention on educating others about the value of planning.


What we'll cover

Let's learn what we can from the past. Looking at the last quarter to see what worked and what didn't will help us know what to adjust moving forward.

We can't do everything at once (although we try). So, we'll revisit our vision and goals for the year and shift our focus to what's most important!

Once we've determined our priorities, the next step is to create a detailed plan we can actually execute over the coming months.

Put it in the calendar! Visual reminders help keep us on track so we make the time for the actions we want to accomplish.


She said, she said.

What others planning party-ers are saying


“Every little thing you mentioned was helpful to me, because I'm totally not a natural planner, but love the feeling of being well prepared and have that “birds eye view” on the coming weeks. It gave me step-by-step advice to follow and therefore Clarity.”

— Jacqueline Traub

“The planning workshop was a fun, highly productive collaboration of insightful principles and ideas.”

— Megan Gesler

“I've had a paper planner since the start of the year and I feel like I've just been dabbling. This workshop has succienctly given me real tools to get the most out of my planner and the planning process!”

— Sarah Baxter


Next Free Quarterly Planning Party sign-up:

tuesday, march 19th 2019

11am & 7pm EST (90 mins) 

With two times to choose from, it's even easier to join in LIVE. However, in case you miss it, you'll still be able to watch the video later and get all the training.