Co-hosted by Brogan Micallef (Brogan Micallef) and Kathryn Hofer (Modern Planner)

Join us for a FREE action–packed 90–min content planning party!

Our next live training is October 23, 8pm EST


Planning parties are interactive, live training calls where we create simple plans, together. And in just 90 minutes, you could change your next 90 days.


So how about we do the same thing for your content?


You find time for the things that are most important to you... at least, you want to.

Start here.

In 1.5 hours, find out how to make sharing your message pinch-yourself-simple.

On the call, we discuss a simplified approach to content planning, plus there's focused time for individual action throughout. You'll get a clearer picture of your next three months and meet other enthusiastic planning partygoers from around the world.


You're not the only one

Are you tired of...

— Saying yes to waaay too many (content) projects + opportunities and ending up in overwhelm-central?
— Making plans that you never implement
— Creating content on your own (+ getting stuck in your own head)?
— Scrolling through Instagram, convincing yourself you're actually 'working' only to get caught up in comparison after you see how much Ms Effortlessly Amazing is doing?


You're in great company

Join us and others on the same journey as we set aside real, live, time to plan our content intentionally. We'll reflect on our priorities, plan content that suits YOU, and look at how to keep content creative + fun into the next quarter.


“I distinctly remember my first planning party as being the most overwhelming experience. Because I was trying to plan 5 years worth of work in 90 minutes to do in 3 months worth of time. No wonder it was overwhelming! The one thing planning parties have really helped me with the most is understanding my capacity. Knowing what I can achieve while living my life with the intention that I want to live it with.”


“I tend to get absorbed & focus solely on client work while neglecting my business promotion & marketing. I was stuck on how to write, where to even start and how to make it not boring. This is exactly what Brogan teaches in Content Her Way - I got fresh perspective & fab inspiration and every single chat sparked a ton of creative ideas. It really pushed me past my “I can’t do copy, I can’t write” initial state of mind. Couldn’t be happier with my experience!”

— Eliza


Not sure what you would plan?

here are some examples of what you could plan in 90 minutes

— Plan the content you need for your next launch
— Develop a new creative schedule to write, film + make things
— Brainstorm a month's worth of content (or more)
— Create a plan to start that YouTube channel or blog?
— Map out how you can up your Instgram game (whilst keeping things intentional)


About your hosts

We’re Brogan Micallef + Kathryn Hofer and we’ve joined forces for a fluff-free planning party that’ll make you love your content.

Brogan's headshot (transparent version).png

Hi, I'm Brogan! I'm a Jane Austen and sci-fi–obsessed content lover who helps people to stop fighting with their content, pull all the loose ends together and find serenity in simplicity. I'm also the creator of Content Her Way - a revolution that helps busy entrepreneurs hone the art of doing content their way and then use that content to grow their business + community.

You can find my digi-home at and I love hanging out on Instagram.


Hi! I'm Kathryn Hofer, the founder of Modern Planner and I believe that a life well planned is a life well lived. And with some basic planning principles you can live less overwhelmed and more purposeful. With over a decade of experience executing live events, organizing teams and projects and running a non-profit I have planned just about everything. Let’s plan your content together!

My Instagram stories is where I'm currently the most active.


What we'll cover


Let's learn what we can from the past. Looking at the last quarter to see what worked and what didn't will help us know what to adjust moving forward.

We can't do everything at once (although we try). So, we'll revisit our vision and goals for the year and shift our focus to what's most important!

Once we've determined our priorities, the next step is to create a detailed plan we can actually execute over the coming months.

Put it in the calendar! Visual reminders help keep us on track so we make the time for the actions we want to accomplish.


Here’s what a few people are saying:


“This training was very useful to look at myself as the content/brand. Keeping it simple is so much better than the immense pressure we get to do everything. Brogan communicates with everyone personally”

— Quiana

“Knowing I don't have to everywhere on social is a relief. I am actually on the right track and have a lot more creative ideas now, thank you.”

— Susan

“My head has always told me to do things perfectly or not at all. Kathryn’s voice and the culture of Modern Planner continues to teach me to extend grace to myself as I make progress towards the life I want to create.”

— Krystal


Co-hosted by Brogan Micallef (Brogan Micallef) and Kathryn Hofer (Modern Planner)

Join us for a FREE action–packed 90–min content planning party!

Our next live training is October 23, 8pm EST


Let's get this party started!