The Quarterly Planning Circle is an online group program where learning and vulnerability connect to help you live a more intentional life.


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Plan guilt-free.

Too often you keep your dreams to yourself. When you don’t tell anyone about your goals, it’s nearly impossible to stick to them. And you have a lot going on; at the end of the day, there’s no time left for dreaming. Career ambitions and personal plans get tucked away under the busyness of life, at the bottom of the priority list, with a little note attached — someday.



The Quarterly™ Planning Circle is designed to help you turn somedays into today. I want to help you make changes, meet deadlines, and feel organized and prepared. I'll work alongside you as you allow your dreams to resurface and bring them to life.


This quarter (July through September), we are looking at creating systems for our business, rest, and simplifying our home.



As we all commit to learn and grow together, and share our journey with each other we hold each other accountable to the commitments we make and the progress we want to see.



Community is a large part of this planning experience and together we’ll discuss, strategize and execute our plans. You’ll have help all along the way in our private, encouraging Slack group. There’s opportunity to build relationships on the live calls, including our monthly co-working call.



Each month we will dive into a different topic of planning with a training video, designed to help you adopt new skills and learn new habits.

You’ll receive worksheets and practical exercises that will guide you in making progress. You’ll hear from Kathryn on various live calls.


What Women Are Saying —


Life changing. If that sounds dramatic it's because it is. Planning has totally transformed my work and personal life for the better, and I wish I'd started sooner.”

— Kate Smalley

“The Quarterly Planning Circle has been a game changer. Everyone is so supportive of one another, eager to listen and offer advice or an ear—whatever someone needs. I love the close-knit community and accountability. I’ve made changes in my personal life as well as business life, and I’ve learned to give myself more grace.”

— Jodi Brandon

“Over the last three months, this program has kept me engaged with my goals and plans for 2018. Additionally, the community has been incredibly helpful in reminding me that I am not alone in the planning and intentionality barriers that I face.”

— Megan Gesler

The Quarterly Planning Circle is a 3–month experience that runs four times each year.

We have a 12–month curriculum so each month we cover a different aspect of planning such as: schedules, priorities, boundaries, systems, projects, and more!



It's for you, the hardworking mom, female business owner, and caring professional

It’s for you, the grandma, wife, solo mom, dog mom, and ‘all the single ladies'

You feel behind, overwhelmed, over worked, stressed out and it’s time for a change

You want to make progress, meet deadlines, feel organized and prepared for life

You want to learn how to plan ahead and live more intentionally

You are willing to step into courage, vision and action to do the work and see the long term shift in your priorities and focus




Systems For Business
— Let's discover the systems our businesses and jobs need the most, create simple processes and get organized

— We'll explore ideas surrounding margin, pace of life and space, and challenge ourselves to truly rest

Simplify Your Home
— Let's create spaces where we can relax, systems to help things run smoothly and streamline everyday tasks


Each Month Includes

  • Planning Training Video that introduces the topic, breaks down concepts, and provides tips

  • Live Call where we talk about how to personalize and apply the concepts and skills we are learning

  • Live Monthly Planning Party workshop where we plan our next month together

  • Live Co-Working Session where we make progress on our most important tasks together

  • Practical Actions and Activities that will continually move you toward a well planned life

  • Private Slack Group for regular conversation and connecting


Tianna's experience.

Tianna Yentzer The Quarterly Testimonial

tianna yentzer

“Live free of anxiety—because plans have been planned.”

The Quarterly is training and accountability for every woman who is tired of being overwhelmed and ready to live free of anxiety—because plans have been planned. I’ve learned TRUE prioritizing: instead of trying to do it all, I’ve learned some things truly can wait. I loved that this spilled over into my business as well as my home life. I was using several platforms to manage everything, but I’ve been able to streamline things and move most of it into Trello after seeing how Kathryn uses it. I especially appreciate the accountability—the community is so encouraging!

— Tianna Yentzer

The Quarterly™



If you are looking for even more support, accountability and personalization to add to The Quarterly experience, then look no further. Limited to 8 women, the mastermind conversations will take place between July and September—and will bring awareness, build relationships, and provide feedback in a guilt-free way.

The Quarterly can help you plan your life, the Mastermind can help you achieve it.



Mastermind Testimonials

“The accountability, building connections, and friendships, and having a group of powerful women stretching you forward is what I’d recommend most. The value of the Mastermind really lies in the fact that we do not grow in a vacuum. We need those closest to us to understand us and provide relevant feedback that we don’t often find in “real life.”

— Megan Kelly

“If you are ready to take your life and/or your business to the next level, you should consider The Mastermind group. Talk with like minded women from all walks of life for support, encouragement, and advice. If you are feeling alone as an entrepreneur or just in general, these ladies will have your back. Walk away from each call feeling motivated and knowing what action you need to take (and maybe that action is to step back and take some time off). Investing in yourself is always a good investment.

— Glenneth Reed


The Mastermind is only available to participants who've purchased The Quarterly Planning Circle (July–September)


The Quarterly Planning Circle


What's Included

Quarterly Planning Party – (1 Live Workshop)

Monthly Planning Party – (4 Live Workshops)

3 Monthly Themes – Each Includes:
— A Training Video
— Action Steps and Exercises

The Quarterly Private Slack Community

Monthly Kick-Off Call (Live)

Monthly Co-Working Session (Live)


Registration for The Quarterly is currently closed

Want to know when The Quarterly™ Planning Circle is open for registration?

The Quarterly™ runs for three months, and registration opens 3 weeks prior to the beginning of each calendar quarter. If you want to be the first to find out when registration is open, just sign up below.


Kate's story.

Kate Smalley The Quarterly Testimonial

Kate Smalley
Writer, Content Creator, Social Media Strategist

“Instead of trying to fit myself into a box, I'm finally creating a structure and schedule that works for me. Weekly check-ins remind me what I need to do for the week and keep me engaged and motivated.”

“As a (recovering) perfectionist and people pleaser who has always felt the need to be everything to everyone, having intentionality and mindfulness is a hard lesson. I was so scared of missing out or letting someone down by saying no, but I didn't realize how trying to do everything was keeping me stuck.

The teachings on prioritizing is helping me get unstuck after years of feeling held back by fear, self-doubt, and chronic health struggles. I see how much I can do when I'm supporting myself properly. I feel capable, powerful, and peaceful.

Less, but better. My actions can have a big impact.

The community aspect has been incredible, and I'll forever be thankful for the people I've met through The Quarterly. We’re all from different backgrounds and have different careers. It's totally hands on, and Kathryn’s ability to create a safe and supportive space while still encouraging us to do the hard work is rare and so very, very powerful.”

— Kate Smalley

“The content is amazing! No fluff—it’s good and actionable.”

— Ashley Stork

“The Quarterly Planning Circle has changed the way I think. The content is very natural and intuitive, and it’s fantastic to see how much progress has been made.”

— Mal Manchur

The Quarterly is accountability + community + continuing education for intentional planning and living.”

— Faith Cameletti


I would love to support you on your journey to living a more intentional life, and get to know you better during the next quarter. If becoming more proactive, planning ahead and creating margin in your life for what matters is important to you, then join me!

— Kathryn Hofer


Meet Your Planning Partner


Kathryn Hofer is passionate about helping others live an intentional life. With over a decade of experience executing live events, organizing teams and projects, and running a non-profit, she has focused her attention on educating others about the value of planning.

When she’s not planning or singing, you can find her curled up with a good book, a cup of tea and dark chocolate. Kathryn lives in Kitchener, Canada with her husband, and 1.5 year-old daughter. They love travelling and eating delicious food.

Ashley's experience.

Ashley Cox The Quarterly Testimonial

Ashley Cox
Leadership Development Entrepreneur

“I came into the program thinking I’d get some tips and advice on how to become better at planning. What I got was a life-changing experience where I’m in control of what I want out of life.”

The Quarterly Planning Circle is a program where learning and vulnerability connect to help you live a more intentional life. It’s life-changing. I’ve been able to create a schedule I love, set and maintain healthy boundaries, learn how to say no without any guilt, and live a more intentional life.

I’m more calm and in control of my life and my schedule. I love the lessons we learn, the practical strategies and easy-to-implement advice, the accountability and team effort behind making the changes that will lead to a more intentional life and I absolutely adore the friendships I’ve made in this community!

— Ashley Cox




when it runs
This membership planning circle starts on Tuesday, July 2nd and runs until Friday, September 27th, 2019. The printable worksheets and exercises you complete are yours to use over and over.

Registration for The Quarterly™ Planning Circle (2019 Edition) is currently closed. Registration for The Quarterly will be open from Monday, June 10 - Friday, June 14 8pm EST 2019. Registration to The Quarterly™ Planning Circle* is open to any woman, 18+ regardless of background, nationality, demographic, career choice, or religious affiliation.

refund policy
Within the first 30 days, if you are not experiencing value from the training, community and accountability provided in The Quarterly Planning Circle, a full refund can be requested by emailing, and setting up a brief conversation with Kathryn.

Terms and Policies
By registering for The Quarterly Planning Circle, you will be accepting the Modern Planner Terms of Service, as well as the Privacy and Cookie Policies.

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Quiana's story.

Quiana  The Quarterly Testimonial

Quiana Goodrum
Interior Designer, Audiobook Narrator

"The Quarterly gives you a step-by-step process, that feels so personal, on how to break down what really matters and what truly needs to get done.”

I have a full time job, a part time job, and am working towards my master’s. When my mom got sick, I started to drown in things to do. The stress was making me ill. I stumbled upon Kathryn on Facebook and she has helped me balance my teetering life this past 6 months.

I graduated, on time, just recently. I finished my book project. And now I have more time to spend with my mother. I honestly don’t believe I could have finished everything without Kathryn’s scheduling guidance.

I have learned to set and stick to my boundaries with others and with myself. I don’t try to do everything. I didn't realize I didn’t truly know what was a priority to me! Kathryn breaks down how to set your true priority (not plural).”

The tailored attention on each member of the community is worth so much. Kathryn knows you and your challenges. A teacher with the skill to successfully help multiple people on an individual level is priceless.

— Quiana Goodrum