The Lessons


Lesson 1: Taking Responsibility
Lesson 2: Purposeful Choices
Lesson 3: What Really Matters
Lesson 4: Letting Go
Lesson 5: Prioritizing Life

What You'll Receive


1. Five simple lessons, delivered to your inbox over one week, to help you conquer the mindsets wasting your time.

2. Less than 10 mins per lesson, they are simple to complete, and each includes an accompanying short video lesson.

3. Timely advice. I want to make sure you are successful in business and life. Though my time is mainly reserved for the clients I have a coaching relationship with, I am delighted to extend support, answer questions, and give suggestions for your specific situation by email. Only available to participants in the 5 Mindset Shifts™ email course.

You'll also be added to the Modern Planner mailing list, where I share advice, tips, and other exciting updates to help you on your journey towards building an intentional business and life.

— Kathryn