How To Plan Anything

In this episode, I share with you a simple four-step framework you can use to plan just about anything! Learning how to plan effectively not only saves time, but also allows you to be more strategic. It creates structure for decision-making and is like following a map.

Be sure to download your copy of the Modern Planner Framework™ that you can reference the next time you are planning. 

Why is planning so important? First of all, it allows you to be more strategic. It creates structure for decision making, and it’s like following a map.

However, so many people feel restricted by plans, or feel like they have to start over with every plan they create.

When it comes to planning, some of the biggest obstacles you might face include:

  • Knowing how to plan certain areas of your life or business, but not others

  • Always feeling like you are starting over with each plan

  • Feel like once a plan is created you have to stick with (especially with all the time and energy that is put it into)

I’m not sure if you’ve ever felt that way, but there is a simpler way to plan!

The Modern Planner Framework™ will allow you to transfer the skill of planning into any area of your life or business. You will never have to start with an empty page again, and you’ll learn how to adjust your plan to keep it current.

To help you remember these four steps, and keep them in front of you as you plan, I’ve created a diagram that you can download and save, or even pin up in your office or home. Keep this as your handy reference guide for all the planning you are going to be doing! 

Want to keep this framework handy while you are planning? Download your copy today!